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I like the idea of short video clips where there is no camera movement at all. Could be very interesting to incorporate that into my slideshow. The contrast of a completely still image with one that appears to be still, but then a car moves through the frame, or the wind blows a leaf… Lightroom does not work with video. I could create the slideshow in Keynote, but that does not allow for the randomness I prefer. Maybe I can use the I-Ching – as John Cage often did – to create something that seems random. But, it would be the same slideshow every night… I might also try importing the images and video into iPhoto. I know iPhoto can present photos and vid, but I don’t remember whether it can present a random slideshow containing both. Sometimes software inspires new artforms and sometimes software is a little behind…

It has been very nice that many people have asked whether I will publish a book of my photography. “I am a professional photographer and I would buy a book of yours”, was one nice comment. Now that “The Scent of Light” is finished I may some times to think about this. I think ideally I would publish a DVD with the music of “One Guitar”, or maybe a new compilation of pieces, and a random slideshow. Not sure how a random slideshow could be programmed into a DVD. Another interesting idea would be to record new solo music with a binaural head… imagine a DVD with a slideshow of still and moving images and a guitar recording where the sound keeps moving around the virtual room. That reminds me of a performance I once did in a Boston gallery, where I kept moving around the space, sitting here and there to play a piece. The limitation would be that one could only experience the DVD on a computer and with headphones. But it also would be an amazing stimulation for one’s imagination, a new kind of poetry. Maybe the limitation would also be its strength in that it would be a very private and personal experience.

I had a good time tonight. Both shows were completely sold out. Couldn’t not notice a blinking red light two feet in front of me, (Adam, cough, cough) which was mildly irritating as one can still see that sort of thing through closed eyelids, but I got over it. At least put some black tape over that LED, eh? Overall a very nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Nice audience.

Turning off the laptop in between the two shows solved the problem of the Lightroom slideshow freezing in the middle of my set – which I think is more likely a Leopard issue than a Lightroom issue. I hope the upcoming 10.5.3 update will fix that.


  1. stephenduros

    nice, I’ve been waiting for this! I must try it.

  2. AdamSolomon

    Um, yeah, no clue what you’re talking about, really! Also had no clue there were a blinking red light in front. *slinks off*


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