Blind People Have Been Hit By A Prius?

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How Many Blind People Have Been Hit By A Prius? : TreeHugger
A bill intended to protect blind people and other pedestrians from the dangers posed by quiet cars will be introduced today in Congress.

The measure would require the Transportation Department to establish safety standards for hybrids and other vehicles that make little discernible noise, including an audible means for alerting people that cars are nearby.

Really? We will have to endure MORE noise? How often does this actually happen? Has it happened at all? You don’t have to be blind to get hit by a quiet car. Aren’t the horrible design of our streets and sidewalks to blame instead? Cars are taking up too much space and pedestrians and bicyclists are not given enough space and/or their space is not well enough protected. Slow down cars, make them thread the needle – like in this photo from an ancient Roman street – buy don’t make them louder.

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  1. Carol

    Be nice if instead there were different clicks to tell when the light is red or green, or do they make something like that already. Otherwise I don’t think a blind person should just take of across the street without some kind of assistance. Of course there is a sound that tires on pavement make too. Please don’t make our noisy streets noisier. A quiet car keeps us all saner.


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