Tuesday, April 1st

02008-04-01 | Recording | 5 comments

Burned CD last night.
Breakfast with Jon this morning.
Final adjustments to the album art with Michael Motley at ten.
Jon offered to listen to the album in case I missed something. He heard one noise on one track, but otherwise approved the master.
I found the noise in the original ProTools session and eliminated it.
Made new and final master burns – one for the manufacturer and two for the studio archive.

Done. I am very happy with the new album, a long journey that started even before I began work on “One Guitar”.

Made final adjustments to the slideshow for my solo performances and backed up laptop.

Almost ready.


  1. Carol

    All packed and ready to go with all sorts of wonders accomplished. How very fortunate those people are to be able to experience your personal touch at these concerts. It’s such a good idea. Maybe some day I can be there too. but I’m happy just to wait for that album. I’m rich !
    Have fun…I know you will..

  2. v2or

    Cant wait to hear it. Looking forward to seeing you play out in PA

  3. tarcher

    I, too, can’t wait to hear it. I think I must have all your cd’s. I am going to try to make your Austin, Tx concert. I wish you’d have more in Texas. Thank you so much for all you give to your music. I enjoy it so much.

  4. will

    Looking forward for the new story and journey.

  5. Diran

    Easy part is done, hard part is to wait,to have the CD. Maybe he is testing our patient…


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