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Luigi Colani tells it like it is – in German. I think he is right. Will the German car industry listen?

Well, and then there is this German car… although I am telling everyone who is willing to listen that we need to get rid of cars altogether.

By the Way, I’m No Longer in Houston | Beyond the Beyond from

What a nightmare. Removing Cars from People – America Ends its Affair With Autos
All things must come to an end, and so apparently it now is for America’s love affair with the automobile. Swept off her feet more than 100 years ago with promises of freedom, comfort and status, Ms. America has now had a change of heart. “The oil addiction, the misguided foreign affairs, the skyrocketing bills… it’s just gotten to be too much,” said Lady Liberty in a recent statement.

The sooner we start rethinking our towns the better.

Click opera – Against “hypocrisy”
100 people in a room: There are 100 people in a room, all doing A Bad Thing. They know it’s a bad thing, a thing that will damage the room and everyone in it, but they can’t stop. Suddenly a Visionary makes a powerful and moving speech. “We must stop doing The Bad Thing!” he says. His speech is effective: everyone stops. Except the Visionary himself, who keeps doing it. This, however, is a minor detail: the room is a better, safer place. Instead of 100 people doing The Bad Thing, only one is doing it. Suddenly a Commentator gets up. “Suckers!” he shouts. “You’ve stopped doing The Bad Thing, but the man who made you stop still does it! You’ve been had… by a hypocrite!” Soon everyone in the room is doing The Bad Thing again.

But tell me, please, who has damaged the room more, the Visionary or the Commentator? Who has the best chance of helping the room?

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  1. steve1

    Ottmar: “…although I am telling everyone who is willing to listen that we need to get rid of cars altogether….”

    I’d listen… although I must confess, I’d be an easy sell: I hate having to own/use a car. I don’t understand why we can’t do mass transport right here in the US. I was actually quite impressed with the mass transport in Germany when I visited there in 1994 (esp. Munich), but also the French mass transport as well. I just view the whole car ownership thing as being a complete waste of time, money, effort, and resources.

    When I lived in Boulder (CO) I was actually able to get away with not needing one. That was nice.


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