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02008-03-28 | Recording, Studio | 5 comments

Yesterday morning I went to see Michael Motley in town. The album artwork is coming along great.
In the evening, under the cover of darkness, I went back in and made adjustments on four mixes. Changed the roll-off on this EQ, adjusted that reverb by a shade… you know, these are the things I might not even notice a couple of months from now. Correction: I will not even notice a couple of months from now… :)

It’s Friday morning and I am drinking tea and… yes, listening to a CD of the album in my kitchen – an activity also known as the cheap speaker test. Answered an email from Stevo just as his wonderful electric guitar solo on “Silence” came on the speakers. I am listening to song #7 now and haven’t heard anything that bothers me. Glad nobody can see me playing air-guitar. Does Paco play air-guitar when he is alone in the kitchen? I bet Stevo plays air-guitar and makes great faces doing it. There it is: 10 songs with a total time of 74 minutes and 29 seconds. Maybe I should change that to 74:25? I am not going to say that the album is finished, because it is finished when it’s on the way to the manufacturer…


  1. steve1

    I think it’s fantastic that you play air-guitar!

  2. Laurie

    it sounds like you are really enjoying all of this… and i love the thought of you playing air-guitar, especially to an album with this name

    is it spring in santa fe? more snow here in maine today…

  3. stephenduros

    Yes… Yes I do play air-guitar.

    However! You must dig me playing air drums. It’s all about the air stick twirls!!

  4. Anna

    Ottmar, I am looking forward to hearing the new CD’s.

    May be Paco does play air-guitar when he is alone and relaxing…

  5. Rik

    Stephen, you must be sure to include the arm-wrapping-around-head air drum beat. It works great in combination with the twirls.

    Ottmar, on the more serious side, reading about the creation of this album has been a joy that I’m sure will pale in comparison to actually listening to it. Thanks for sharing so much about the process with us. I Hope Houston will get back on the tour schedule in the future.


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