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Walking from the studio to the house barefooted for the first time this year is nice. Sitting on the ledge in the photo below is nice. Photo was taken a while ago, today we had sunshine and blue skies. Right now I am waiting for a new CD to burn.

Had lunch in town and visited a few galleries. TAI shows a few of Seiju Toda’s photographs:

Seiju Toda created a series of 33 compositions called Heian, a term meaning peace and serenity. In a meticulous process that took several years, Toda both assembled the pieces using plain wood and living creatures – birds, fish, insects, reptiles – and photographed them with careful consideration for the natural elements.

You can see more of the images here. Bought the book Heian, which is sold at the gallery.

Another gallery had this sign inside, which looks like the OL logo turned about 45 degrees:


  1. yumi

    Good to work and good to relax. Both have value. Nice photos!


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