Light and Scent

02008-03-23 | Music, Poetry | 8 comments

The halo of the moon,
Is it not the scent of plum blossoms
Rising up to heaven?
– Buson

Moonlight, reflected by the river, with birds conversing and a train crossing the iron bridge.

Street Light. The yellowish light of street lanterns, reflected by wet cobblestones. Clouds of cigarette smoke, the sound of footsteps nearby and car-horns in the distance.

Unscented beeswax candles nevertheless have a certain scent.

Firelight. Shadows dancing. TV for the stone age. Stare into the flickering shadows and create your own story.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Wow. Profound, I know, but I think it says enough.

  2. Carol

    oh yes

  3. Carol

    I printed that off. It’s beautiful.

  4. borisbartels

    Amazing. I’m hooked. Wonderful. I guess I need to take a year off to only listen to the music of the new album.

  5. yumi

    Years ago, a friend introduced me to the writings of Chuang Tzu. Light humor, life lessons, history…all wrapped up into poetry and making it such a pleasure to read.

    So many types of light or scent: warm, ethereal, sweet, heavy, cool and sparkling, brilliant, soft. Traces of light, the memory of light. Sound, with traces of poetry, all wrapped up into music making it an anticipated pleasure to hear. Am looking forward to that.

  6. patrick dameth

    those were the best 41 seconds of my day!

  7. v2or

    Love you are such a awesome artist. Love the textures.

  8. lauraG

    I have been an avid fan of Ottmar’s music for many years and have all his albums. Can’t wait for 17th of June! Thank you for sharing your musical gift with us.
    Travel in Harmony.


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