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Ideas for the back or the inside of the DigiPak.

Made changes to three songs. Put two sequences for the album on my iPod and took a walk. After an hour of walking I arrived at home with another 14-15 minutes of music to go. Yes, I called our manufacturer last week and confirmed that 75 minutes will fit on a CD and should play in every CD player. 10 songs – 75 minutes. These are not slogans, they are stories. Even though I am intimately familiar with them by now, these stories entertained me thoroughly. My best album ever? Possibly, probably, but I certainly don’t have the perspective to make that judgement at this point.

Jon made great contributions to the music. Many of the sounds are not your typical bass sounds. You might not even recognize them as bass-sounds… Wonderful stuff. He also played keyboards and Gagan-ized a bunch of sounds. Sometimes he would send me files that I could not recognize and he would say, that it was my guitar – through the Gagan-filters…

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  1. Diran

    It’s worth to wait.


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