Awoken by Moonlight

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Awoken by moonlight I get up at 1:30AM to drink water.
Moonlight is leaking into the house everywhere.
How do I photograph that blueish moonlight-finger that reaches down into my living room?
I am afraid if I disturb that gentle sliver it will retreat.

Thousands of years ago some ancestor – all blue-eyed people are said to stem from one person – stared at such a moonlight-finger reaching into his or her cave. Did they get up and tend the fire or turn over and return to sleep?


  1. Matt Callahan

    Perhaps this blue-eyed ancestor simply stopped and enjoyed the moment. Neither sleep nor the fire more important than now.

    Or maybe they were thirsty too.

  2. Carol

    I love that. I like to think about what other individuals around the world are thinking as they look up at that same moon and, as you said so beautifully, to think of those so long gone who might have had the same thoughts, wondering about others seeing that moon, or maybe ignoring it as being something too familiar to pay attention to.


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