Flush Your Turbine Toilet!

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POOPTRICITY: Want Electricity? Flush Your Turbine Toilet!
What if every time that you flushed your toilet you could generate just a little bit of power? That is the idea behind the Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy, which aims to get power from any pipe that water rushes through. So not only could you install this within a municipal system, but according to the company, you could get power from the water rushing down your gutter drains!
(Via Inhabitat)

I think instead of looking for one BIG solution to our electricity needs, we would do well to create many tiny solutions. Wind generators sharing roof space with solar panels, and yes, why not also toilet turbines… Micro production, personal production instead of one centralized giant producer. And check this out. Solar and wind photovoltaic Leaves. Isn’t that poetic and beautiful? If those leaves can eventually be produced very cheaply, one could travel with them – just scatter across a bush or tree and hook up to your computer or charge your camera…


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