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Long Views » Tracking our little heres for the long now

GPS tracking art.
Tracking GPS-enabled cabs in San Francisco:

Cabspotting traces San Francisco’s taxi cabs as they travel throughout the Bay Area. The patterns traced by each cab create a living and always-changing map of city life. This map hints at economic, social, and cultural trends that are otherwise invisible.

or walking with GPS:

walks on water
Like debris in the water, we will only be able to move when someone is accompanying us, carrying us along with conversation. If no-one is with us, we shall remain standing or sitting on anglers’ stools, waiting for company, like pedestrian hitch-hikers. Dressed like explorers, each of us will have a hand-held GPS unit, an angling stool, notebook and a sign to attract attention when waiting.

And GPS helps Sea Shepherd find Japanese Whalers:

AFP: Anti-whalers say they planted tracking devices on Japanese fleet
A militant environmental group Tuesday said it had planted tracking devices on Japanese whaling ships to ensure they could always find the harpoon boats in the vast Southern Ocean.
Paul Watson, the captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel the Steve Irwin, said a device had been placed on the factory ship Yushin Maru No. 2 which was boarded by two of his crew members last month.


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