Friends as well as Enemies

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Antaiji: Kodo Sawaki – To you
Perhaps we can save our friends with atomic and hydrogen bombs – but not our enemies. Only zazen is capable of saving friends as well as enemies.

A few weeks ago I set this post up to publish today… and then forgot about it. Fun to time-release stuff and be surprised by the words… (time-release is nice feature of WordPress, I think)

Reading the quote today I think about the funny temporal nature of friends and enemies – friends today and enemies tomorrow or enemies yesterday and friends in two weeks. The evolution of mankind has to point to peace, beyond a doubt. Evolution will weed out the violent as they kill each other eventually. The future may indeed be inherited by the meek. If humanity continues for a thousand years, what will they think of the people of the 20th and 21st century? It was a stage. They couldn’t help it.


  1. eric

    It seems like it’s a rush for the “before their time” thinkers to get into a position of power. Kind of like when a parent has to rush to the scene before siblings start fighting to inform and remind them that we’re a family.

  2. Carol

    The terrible 2’s. Give us time…

  3. Will



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