Porsche vs London

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Porsche takes on London mayor over road pricing scheme – Yahoo! News
Luxury car firm Porsche said Tuesday it will mount a legal challenge to a plan to more than triple the charge for “gas guzzling” vehicles entering central and west London.

It’s time for German luxury car manufacturers to see the writing on the wall. Change or be left behind eventually. I fell in love with Porsche cars when I was 5 or 6 years old, particularly the 911. I have driven them, but never bought one because I don’t want to be seen in one.

“Instead of spending time and energy battling these popular initiatives, such as the congestion charge, it would be more appropriate for Porsche to put its effort into making a new generation of much less polluting vehicles.”


You can read more here.
Long live the mayor of London!
Speaking of the mayor of London:

London to Retrofit Public Buildings for Reduced Emissions : TreeHugger
The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, announced a new project last week to cut public buildings’ energy use by 25%. Contracts were awarded for the first stage of the project, in which 42 public buildings will be retrofitted for energy savings over the next ten years.


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