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02008-02-19 | Recording | 3 comments

Davo’s in the studio, recording more percussion for the new Luna Negra album. Right this moment he is laying down some chingón funky cajon on “Three Days Without You”.

Now he adds a cajon to Robby’s djembe on a different song, once again confirming that a quintet with Robby would be the dream-band for this Summer. Their styles are different and yet compliment each other very well.

Now it is dumbek for a yet untitled piece with an arabic flavor.

After a quick lunch in my kitchen we record a couple of dumbek fills for “The River”, and then move to shakers. These look like the straw-basket-looking shakers Davo used on “Borrasca” and “Solo Para Ti”. They have a wonderful sound, warmer than most shakers.

Shekere on “Three Days Without You”. Works really well with the djembe part.


  1. Carlos Madrigal

    Jajajaja, qué risa ver la palabra “chingón” en tu blog.

    I didn’t expect to see the very mexican word “chingón” in your blog. Have a nice one.

    One mexican OL fan.

  2. ottmar

    Hola Carlos,
    I admit that a Santa Fe musician used “chingón” in an email and I had to look it up. It apparently gets used quite a bit in Nuevo Mexico.

  3. Boris

    Oh! If it’ll be a quintet touring including Robby, that’ll be another must-experience 4 me!!


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