The Santa Fe Sessions + ITAOL

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An unreleased version of “2 The Night” has been hidden for years. Well, not hidden if you actually read the liner notes of the album “The Santa Fe Sessions”…

“The Santa Fe Sessions” and “In the Arms of Love” will return to SSRI – they were licensed to Higher Octave/EMI for five years – in a week. We will release a new SSRI DigiPak version of “In the Arms of Love” (newly remastered by Jon) in the beginning of April. The digital downloads will be available from our LL a week from today, and from all other download stores (iTunes, amazon etc.) in April.


  1. Boris

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful….

    The return, I mean. Got that version of “2 the night” for years, ha! Guess back then only Matt read the liner notes more carefully than I did! :)

  2. dave

    Is this going to be the “opiumized” version of itaol you’ve mentioned?

  3. Carol

    Ahhh, Spring and Ottmar’s music is coming. That makes me very happy indeed.

  4. Matt Callahan

    Sure, I had the bonus track back then but, no CD burner or iPod to take it on the road. It was the same with the bonus tracks from Transit as well.


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