Twelve Years Ago – 1996

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I wrote this 12 years ago while touring in Australia:

Like incense we have 2 burn 2 b fragrant
2 scent the whole world we have 2 burn 2 the ground…
2 fill the world + become filled by the world…

with every smell, touch, taste, sound or vision, we receive matter + energy: molecules, which r vibrating a certain way… a type of food which comes 2 us from the outside… we all know that some people ‘feed’ us more than others, some places ‘feed’ us more than others, that some objects ‘feed’ us more than others, and some music ‘feeds’ us more than others…
some music + art has fed me better + more completely than any lunch or dinner ever has…

the world passes through us and both we + the world emerge altered…

a scent enters our nose + passes 2 the brain… the most primal of our senses… it might alarm us or seduce us, it might even change our mood w/o us noticing… + the outbreath is different from the inbreath… filtered through us, somehow changed…

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  1. marijose

    Wonderful images. Reminds me of the first few lines of Float, Trust, Enjoy in the book The Soul of Rumi:

    “Muhammad said no one looks back and regrets leaving this world. What’s regretted is how real we thought it was! How much we worried about phenomena and how little we considered what moves through form.”


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