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I am working on “Silence”, editing and refining an already beautiful piece. This is ecstatic music, building and building, and then building on top of that… like climbing the circular staircase of a tall tower and finally stepping off and… flying. I have to stop myself from listening to it too much, and listening at too high of a volume because I notice that I want to crawl inside the music, be moved and taken away by it.

Why am I taking so long with this album? I started work on it in the Summer of 2005, I believe. Well, since CD sales don’t amount to much these days, what is left for the musician is to enjoy and deepen the process. And because I am really allowing myself to experience and live the process it is taking a long time. At some point the ecstasy I have at times experienced while creating this music will be replaced by the knowledge that the album will be sold for less than a dollar on sites like this one and shared for free via BitTorrents. So what’s the rush… let me enjoy the process. The reality will follow soon enough. :)


  1. dave

    It’s in the process not the product.

  2. ottmar

    @dave: yes, certainly. But if that’s all, why not burn the canvas, erase the hard drive? Maybe musicians should strike – like the Hollywood writers… I am afraid we are much too unorganized, but what IF no album was released for the next sixth months… until the RIAA and iTunes stop trying to pay songwriters less, or until an ISP tax or some kind of music tax is created…

  3. Boris

    Sometimes the looking forward to sth is the best part of all. Not in the case of your music from the point of view of a fan. The final listening experience is just too good. But once you start to enjoy the waiting part as well it only adds up to the whole experience.

  4. Carol

    anticipation…sometimes ends in disappointment, but never with your music. It is always more than I’ve dreamed it could be, and by now I expect the best too.

  5. Boris

    Don’t forget to add a false note at the end!


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