Viva la Revolucion!

02008-02-05 | Photos | 4 comments

Stevo in Mexico. I can’t decide which photo is better…


  1. Carol

    I like that AHHHH out there.

  2. Panj

    Totally awesome shots…what an eye! Thanks for sharing Stevo!

  3. Rik

    I like the second one better as it shows the arena is empty, adding a great deal of humor. And Stevo’s expression in the first photo makes the second funnier still. If this were a comic strip the first panel would be the first pic as is, then the second pic and finally the first pic again zoomed in on the facial expression. Maybe a fourth panel zoomed in on the empty seats from the second pic. Ok, maybe its better with only 3 panels.

  4. kevin duros

    Good Job Steve, I’m proud of you, maybe in the future you can take me and your old man to one of these shows. talk to you later, oldmp


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