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Making Coffee
I used a mortar and pestle to grind the coffee. The result didn’t have enough kick – maybe I did not grind the beans small enough, maybe I didn’t roast them enough. More experimentation will follow. This method is NOT for those who need caffein immediately after waking up. :)

It feels more like a tea-ceremony than a quick coffee-fix.


  1. Dave

    How smoky was the roasting process?

    I’ve wanted to try it for years… Pretty much ever since I discovered Sweet Maria’s. ( I’ve just never had a well ventilated kitchen or the motivation to take it outside to roast.

    That’s one substantial looking mortar and pestle!!

  2. Vincent

    Wonderful Picture. Coffee in smell, taste, or sight is a wonderful thing.

    For experimenting, I believe using a mortar and pestle does not create enough surface area as the usual grinding does, and additionally you might push out the wonderful coffee bean oils with the applied pressure, leaving them on your mortar and pestle. Perhaps after you “ground” the beans, fluff them up a bit so that the water has good contact with the coffee.

  3. Anna

    Ottmar, after reading this post, I am considering doing a Barista Course.


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