Prince: The artist who formerly liked the Internet

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Prince: The artist who formerly liked the Internet | CNET
File sharers who are now cursing Prince should remember that for nearly 10 years he has tried to solve a problem that has stumped the beleaguered record industry: how can you make money from digital music?

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  1. Will

    How can music become more dynamic so that people want to buy the album? There obviously isn’t a price point as most people will take “free” over paying. A couple ideas I have:

    1. Sell a package not a disc….I like to know the background on the album/songs I listen to. I want to know what inspired Page/Plant on the song Kashmir. I want to know where Bob Dylan wrote Rainy Day Women 12 & 35. There are little things most music lovers want to know. And some extended album art, stories, poetry, etc. would be cool. Maybe a small book with a CD.

    2. Connect with fans….I think this is something your blog provides. If more people feel they have a connection with the artist I think they are more apt to purchase. I don’t mean some staff member writing updates on a website/blog, I mean the artist connecting and interacting somehow with their fans just as a painter does at a gallery . Maybe a shout out on a CD jacket or track on a album for download thanking some fans. People rarely steal from people they perceive and value as friends.


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