Boiling Water Spikes Bisphenol A Levels

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Boiling Water Spikes Bisphenol A Levels : TreeHugger
We have been saying for a while that polycarbonates bottles can leach Bisphenol A, a gender bender and that it was time to ditch them; now a new University of Cincinnati study shows that the temperature of the liquid inside has the most impact on how much BPA is released.

According to Martin Mittelstaedt of the Globe and Mail, “Adding boiling water to polycarbonate plastic bottles causes a dramatic spike (55 times as much!) in the amount of bisphenol A, or BPA, leaching from containers into drinks, according to a U.S. research team.

The finding suggests that parents sterilizing polycarbonate baby bottles by heating them in water or in a microwave may be inadvertently increasing the amount of the estrogen-mimicking chemical leaching from the containers. It also indicates hikers who use the bottles as a thermos to store hot tea or liquids may be doing the same.”



  1. Carol

    How ironic. It’s like the findings that those children growing up in sterile conditions are less ready to face our germy world. I still refill plastic bottles. they are so lightweight and handy. I doubt that will be the thing that brings me down. I use cold water.

  2. MaddieB

    The industry keeps denying and denying but slowly the evidence mounts.

    I used to use plastic water bottled exclusively but switched to stainless steel water bottles a few months ago.



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