Tuesday Morning, January 22nd

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I get up a little before 4AM and start to get ready. While I shower this comes into my mind:
Whatever you want, this world has it.
If it is greed and ignorance you are looking for, we got that.
Selfishness and inflated egos, yes, got that.
Hatred and violence, yes, plenty.
but also…
Poetry and wonder, yes.
Love and care and gentleness, yes.
Beauty, creativity and awe, yes.
Disliking greed and ignorance does not make it go away. Instead we notice more of it.
Hating violence and hatred doesn’t make them go away. It amplifies them and we see hate and violence everywhere.

Sure, we may know this. But, it slips my mind all the time.

All that and a marvelous moon!

I’ll be back on Friday. Have a beautiful week.


  1. steve

    Oh man. This is one of those ideas that will keep coming back to me for a looong time now … long time…

  2. Carol

    I’m printing that off and putting it where it can remind me.
    Thank you for sharing yur wisdom.


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