Monday, January 21st

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Tomorrow we will leave for our concert in Quito, Ecuador.

I now officially have recorded more music for the new Luna Negra album than will fit on a CD. By about ten minutes…

Seeing the moon tonight is cleansing. It’s beauty scrubs away all superficial desires and wants…

I enjoy Jon’s amazing bass-playing on the new album. He is really inspired and inspiring on these songs. Well, he always is, isn’t he.

Another interesting article in the Guardian regarding the music biz.

There is a cereal box with a Basho poem!

From Bone Mountain:

Avoiders. It was part of their particular gulag language, stemming from a teaching given in their barracks by an old monk, in his twentyfifth year of imprisonment, just before he died. Guns were avoiders, he said, and bombs, and tanks and cannons. They allowed the users to avoid talking with their enemy, and allowed them to think they were right just because they had more powerful technology for killing.

I am going to finish the last book of the five-book series tonight. I’ll miss Shan.

Stumbled upon this Automatic Indoor Composter. I have been composting for a long time. It is very easy and you receive great soil for your garden or flower-pots. This might be a nice solution for apartment living.


  1. eric

    It’s beauty scrubs away all superficial desires and wants…- i like that! ;)

    Avoiders-I wonder if that language should be used when swearing in a new president…

    NatureMill-Awesome product, in my area they go for around $3-400 at Sam’s Club, very nice.

  2. Boris

    Still have 4 books of the series to go! Looking forward to is the really nice part.

    As for the additional ten minutes, in an earlier life I’d say it’d make a nice Mini-Disc, like 3is4goodluck. But now it should make wonderful additional downloads from the LL. And if it’s a 10min song, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for it.
    Hey, if you are about finishing the new LN record and the Lingua Franca still pending plus ITAOL coming home to SSRI, we can expect quite a lot of new music pretty soon, no? How exciting!

  3. Carol

    Eric, I had copied “It’s beauty scrubs away all superficial desires and wants…”
    to say how much I like that. Okay to repeat?
    More music. You make us all rich.

  4. Adam Solomon

    So what is the expected solution? Double album? CD with bonus online material? Please don’t tell me it’s just going to the chopping block!! :)

  5. Jacqueline(Jackie)

    From within the spirit is the overflowing!

    Cheers, to many many more !

    and such a nice side to see, missing Shan!

    Best Wishes and Luck always Jackie

  6. Carol

    Oh…and have fun in Ecuador! Take some photos.

  7. laurie

    sounds like you super-sized it

    what will you do about the music for the new CD? I can see future generations
    finding the lost 10 minutes of this album and having a great celebration.

    your description of the moon is spot on… and lovely

    have a great trip (and show) and get there and back safely


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