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Rules of Thumb
If you like a new song when you first get it, you’ll tire of it in four weeks; if you hate it at first, you’ll like it in about six months; if you feel indifferent about it, you’ll always feel that way.


  1. victor

    so true right on. You find the coolest sayings

  2. yumiko

    A close relative (older/male) used to say that gems are just like relationships: at first you are intoxicated, next it becomes familiar. After that, maybe, you might want change (the jewelry or yourself) and finally, a decision. Nothing in the middle of the road. The ones that catch your eye right away, are the one that you will tire of. Better wear something/ be with something/someone that is not too flashy.

  3. Carol

    a matter of degrees maybe. I have so many CD’s I don’t want to hear again, and of course I really liked them right away. Yours? I like each one immediately, but not nearly as much as I do as time goes by. You always leave so much up to the listener. There are so many layers to it , so light and yet so deep. And I feel it more and differently each time I truly listen. That’s why I feel you are like a miracle, because I didn’t know that was possible to not tire of something.


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