Snowflake + Butterfly

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“I saw a snowflake land on a butterfly today,” one of the battered lamas suddenly said, and earned a blow to his skull from a guard’s baton for breaking the rule of silence. But by the time they reached the prison every man in the truck had been smiling serenely, their minds filled with the image of the butterfly.

From Elliot Pattison‘s book “Bone Mountain” (Inspector Shan series).

I saw a snowflake land on a butterfly today – how beautiful.


  1. Will

    From his site: “I write about Tibet not because I am a Buddhist but because I am not a Buddhist, because the ultimate treasures of Tibet are ones that transcend religion or philosophy, lessons that the rest of the world needs desperately to learn. Converting to the cause of Tibet does not mean a conversion to Buddhism, it means a conversion to compassion, self-awareness, human rights and political equality.”

    That is awesome, wish more people could see human rights are human rights and that we should extend unattached compassion and grace regardless of affiliation.

  2. Jacqueline(Jackie)

    Please do not take this the wrong way ! Ottmar your Amazing…

    Just the prescription! Once again many thanxs! Jackie

  3. Carol

    So many beautiful “pictures” and so much wisdom he writes.Every day I can’t wait to begin reading more. Thank you, Ottmar.

  4. Luz

    That is indeed beautiful poetic writing. I can just imagine what a beautiful poetic song from that same phrase would sound like! ;-)

  5. Panj

    Soooo true, Will!


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