Steal This Wi-Fi

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Bruce Schneier in Wired Magazine:

Steal This Wi-Fi
Security is always a trade-off. I know people who rarely lock their front door, who drive in the rain (and, while using a cellphone) and who talk to strangers. In my opinion, securing my wireless network isn’t worth it. And I appreciate everyone else who keeps an open wireless network, including all the coffee shops, bars and libraries I have visited in the past, the Dayton International Airport where I started writing this and the Four Points Sheraton where I finished. You all make the world a better place.

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  1. Apollo

    A great alternative to having a wide-open wireless network is to use FON. It keeps a home or business network secure and allows strangers to enjoy a free or minimal cost network connection, depending on their choices.

    “Our Community WiFi router, La Fonera, allows everyone to share WiFi in a secure environment. It takes only five minutes to hook up, and then you’ve got WiFi at home and around the world for free!”


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