Being Thirsty While Being Green

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The Perils of Being Thirsty While Being Green : TreeHugger
Alina Tugend drinks tap water, but needs a bottle to carry it around. She writes in the New York Times about the issues with various containers:

-Refilling single use PET bottles: possible leaching of antimony, more likely bacteria because they are hard to clean
-Poycarbonate: Bisphenol A.
-Glass: “Mom, I just sliced my finger”
-Stainless Steel: too expensive

She finally asked expert Frederick vom Saal, who suggested “If I was to use plastic, I would stay with No. 2 and No. 5, No. 2 is high-density polyethylene; No. 5 is polypropylene.”

I disagree. Klean Kanteen sells a 27oz/780ml bottle for under $18. That’s probably less money than one week worth of water bottles. Plus, you can clean it properly. And you can use it for self-defense or hammering a thumbtack into the drywall… I have three in various sizes… In the winter it’s nice to fill one with hot tea. The bottle gets very hot, naturally – since it is not double-walled, and I can warm my hands on it in the car in between taking sips…


  1. llindaskaye

    OL, that is a very nice product i believe…though are we assuminge theh tap water is “potable”…!? i had thought that was the questione…amore, llindaskaye

  2. Dave

    Indeed. I love my Kleen Kanteens. They don’t take on a funky smell, unlike many plastics. I’ve found I much prefer the flat top over the loop top, as it’s much easier to get a good grip on it. The only downside is with the metal caps, you make a little noise when opening and closing the bottle, but I see they now offer plastic caps for those who really care.

  3. Catherine

    I’ve read about the plastic bottle issue and have considered getting a canteen. Thanks for the suggestion.



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