Thursday, January 3rd

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Met Jon for breakfast and conversation.

Then a couple of hours in the studio, working on a very funky new Tangos.

In the afternoon conversation and red wine with Robert Bluestone, a classical guitarist and fellow Santa Fean. Jon recorded Robert’s latest album at his studio in high res: 24bit/88.2kHz. The album contains a wonderful piece in several movements that was written for Robert by Andrew York. The CD should be out in a couple of months and the music should appear in our LL around that time as well.

At 8PM I went to the studio to briefly check something that was on my mind and ended up working on two pieces until after 11PM. Especially a new Bolera/Ballad in three movements, which I recorded last week, is grabbing me. I find it to be of that wonderful combination of Lightness with Melancholy – if you know what I mean. The unbearable lightness of being. Depth with a smile. Like most of the other pieces for the new album, it is rather long at about 9’30”. Jon added a wonderful bass track last week and phoned in the keys yesterday – meaning he uploaded them to his server for me to download.


  1. dave

    You’re taunting us. I am really looking forward to the new album.

  2. Anna

    Dave, I have a feeling that Ottmar is building us up and getting us ready for the new release. :-)

  3. Boris

    I feel like back in “La Semana”-times when I was collecting your diary entries in which you gave hints. It was a very nice thing to get back to those entries once you made the music available! looking very much forward to all this new music….

  4. laurie

    hearing of your process and progress creates a different relationship to the music once it is heard than if it had no introductions… the anticipation is fun and the slight window into the creation is interesting – thanks for taking us along and it will be good to ultimately hear what you’ve been describing… sounds great so far!

    do you ever have moments of playing that are so incredible but they were not recorded and no one was around to hear it? And I guess it wouldn’t ever be the same to try to repeat it and get it recorded…

    ottmar, best wishes for you in the new year

  5. llindaskaye

    OL, i purchased Winter Rose for the holidayes and have been enjoyinge it very much…i am a beginner and i finde readinge your comments very educational and helpful…the videos are incredible…almost like being there and i am thankful…amore, llindaskaye

  6. eddie

    andrew york is an awesome musician and composer, i love his song ‘sunburst’!

  7. Kim Edwards

    I am always amazed by what I find through your links. What a delightful surprise to learn of fellow weaver, Rebecca Bluestone, while reading about Robert.

  8. Maria

    Yes…the unbearable lightness of being.


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