Jay Adelson, chief executive of Digg

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Interview: Jay Adelson, chief executive of Digg – Times Online
Asked what should replace the current method, he suggested that a piece of software could be embedded into a digital file and log how many times the file is downloaded or streamed over the internet. That information could in turn can be used to determine advertising rates.

“For the majority of people, it means DRM as they know it disappears, but in truth what’s happening is the content is being monetised in a different way. All the media executives will tell you that their strategy is moving in the direction of being able to monetise content without DRM.”

That’s what this system was designed to do. ISRC is burned into CD-Audio and added in the mp3 tag. Whether it works is another question. From a tech-standpoint the above suggestion by Jay Adelson could easily be put into use. Let Google read the ISRC tags of music being dowloaded or streamed and adjust adrate.


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