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Baggu | Reusable Shopping Bag

Received a couple of these and think they are great. They are very sturdy and fold up small enough to put everywhere… car, coat-pocket


  1. Luz

    I bought something similar at the Container Store which also folds into a pouch that fits perfectly in my bag. I carry it everywhere and have used it repeatedly. On another subject and another pet peeve–have you noticed that store receipts are now larger than ever. Pay for something and you get a paper receipt that is a mile long because it has a stupid coupon or special sale. Talk about waste! We need to save trees people/retailers!

  2. Heather

    In my town they recently opened a new Loblaws Superstore (grocery store) and it is the first in Canada to not have any plastic bags. You must buy reusable bags or baskets (or bring your own). Now the trunk of my car is filled with reusable grocery bags.


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