Last Concert of the Year

02007-12-23 | Guitar, Performance, Photos | 2 comments

Solo performance at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek (Avon, Veil), Colorado.
Last Show of 2007 - 1
The Vilar Center has a great vid projector and we projected my photos on the screen in the background – unfortunately I don’t have a pic of that. The concert was sold out, the audience was warm and attentive and time flew.


  1. Victor

    Looks like you are playing the blanca

  2. Rik

    I can’t help but wonder who ‘we’ is. It has been some time since you mentioned them, but I do remember reading diary entries referring to your wife and son. I can understand the desire for keeping your personal life private, so I don’t really expect an answer. My guess is ‘we’ means you, a lighting and sound guys.


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