Kite Powers German Freight Ship

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A kite the size of a football field will provide most of the power for a German heavy freight ship set to launch in December. The Beluga shipping company that owns the 140-metre ‘Beluga’ said it expects the kites to decrease fuel consumption by up to 50 percent in optimal cases as well as a cutback of the emission of greenhouse gases on sea by 10 to 20 percent. Interestingly, the ship will be hauling windmills from Esbjerg, Denmark to Houston, Texas.


  1. Carol

    What fun. I’d love to see that. hmmm I think it’s interesting that you have an article on the overuse of plastic bags, because right away a person wonders about the cost of manufacturing and shipping to the coast, and how many times it can be used and then what? I’m sure they’ve considered these things of course. And think of the bonus for the whales going back to sailing ships and a whole lot less noise pollution..

  2. Alice

    ottmar and friendes, just wonderinge withe all the media…are we really reachinge you or is this all a “commercial-computer” enterprise…i enjoye the idea and fun of sharinge withe you a real person and i have found very personable and the questione does come to minde…!? ecology is alwayes interestinge to me withe all the possibles…i had thought we were tryinge to save the rain forestes and yet we see a rise in plastics…i still like bar-soap though all the body wash products usinge plastic containers are very temptinge…!? alwayes, Alice

  3. mario

    Cool….Very cool…Have to see that here in Houston

  4. dave

    Heading your way, Mario.

  5. Digital Flower

    What will they think of next.

    I happened to find this site at the same time I was listening to your Christmas CD. What a serendipitous event.

    Just wanted to say thanks the guitar playing is superb.


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