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Matthew Schoening sent me his CD Solo Electric Cello, which was released soon after our performance at Greg Gorman’s workshop in October – see this post. I like the album a lot and asked him whether we could present the music in our ListeningLounge. Here it is. Enjoy.

We will do some remote collaborating early next year, which I am looking forward to.


  1. Diran

    Nice music,looking forward to hear . When you guys done

  2. laurie

    just purchased it from LL – fantastic listening for today’s snowy weather here in ME. His instrument comes from a maker just down the road…
    nice – thanks, ottmar

    and more music next year from both of you?
    and a new album in the LL next week?
    how very, very lucky we are…

  3. Boris

    Downloading done. Great music! The LL is becoming a fantastic place. Now it only needs its counterpart in the real world, like the Buddha Bar in Paris, for example….. Keep me posted when you open up a Listening Lounge in San Francisco or so! With all that superbe music, caipirinha, good wine, sunsets and sunrises over the Pacific and whatever else… :)


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