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I brought something back from Mexico with me. It’s either a cold or a flu, can’t figure out which yet. A virus in any case. Made me think of the whole human race as one big virus. It’s fairly smart, incredibly robust, multiplies like crazy and there is a good chance it will wipe out it’s host. Don’t say save the planet. The planet will be there for a long time. It’s a matter of saving us, the human race. In India they say the entire cosmos is an out-breath of Brahma and when he breathes in, it’s gone again. At least that’s what I remember. They also say this isn’t the first turning of that wheel.

That reminds me of the time my brother became really ill in the Eighties. On a Friday afternoon the local hospital called him and told him that the blood-sample they had taken from him contained a rare African virus and he had two or three weeks to live. He slept with his magnum under the pillow that weekend. At one point I said to him, we don’t know enough about re-incarnation, whether it happens or not, but what if you have been at this point many times before and every time you chose to end it. Somehow Monday came and the hospital called again. Oops they said, our bad. You only have mono and will live a long life after all – if you don’t get run over by a bus.

So, have you put the two together yet? What if this is the big hump and every time a bunch of cells get complex enough, large enough, conscious enough, powerful enough they end up doing too much damage. In other words the virus is not able to mutate into something less vicious, something more benign, something that doesn’t replicate so much…

And slowly life starts again… on another planet maybe, another solarsystem, taking on an entirely different form…

With that off my chest, I shall go back into the studio to finish a mix of this song. I should upload it to the LL sometime soon, as a reminder that we will release the SSRI DigiPak version of ITAOL sometime in March.


  1. Will

    What if we have “medicine” to cure this “virus” or at least make it less painful until the eventual. To find peace and embrace the pain.

  2. Panj

    Dear Ottmar…don’t forget to suck on some zinc…viruses really dont’ seem to like it, i personally think it screws up their reproductive systems somehow. I enjoyed this diary entry, reminded me of a heated debate, held in the middle of Denny’s one night…my stance was that humans ARE a virus on the Planet…my freind’s of course was the exact opposite! I must say tho, when i got up to leave, i was given a great ovation by the other customers, whom I had not even known were listening. It was nice to know that there were a few others out there who don’t think that humans are the end-all of perfection! I am also very glad you brother is still with us…speeding down life;s road…:-) Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!

  3. laurie

    yea, i agree… the planet might ultimately save itself and get rid of us, so perhaps we should be acting like gracious guests and stop trashing the place

    hope you are feeling better soon – take good care of yourself


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