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As you might have noticed if you looked in the LL, the “La Semana” album now has a new and slightly different cover. After the Januay 2007 bancrupcty of distributor 33rd Street, which was owned by Tower Records, the SSRI CDs (“La Semana” and “Winter Rose”) they had in stock were sold to the highest bidder. We were not given an opportunity to buy the product. As a result we have not seen a cent from any of the “La Semana” or “Winter Rose” CDs you find in stores now. Since we sold out of the copies we had I thought it would be nice to create a new cover for the album, which will be released in a 6-panel DigiPak – just like the other recent releases 1G, Thira and Transit 2. The new “La Semana”, with identical content, will sell from our online store and through our new distributor Burnside sometime in December.

Here is the new “La Semana” cover:
New La Semana Cover
– and this was the old one:
Old La Semana Cover

If you want the new artwork, and you already have the CD or the files, you can download the PDF here.


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