Melody Roads

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Japanese “melody roads” play tunes as you drive over them
Several experimental Japanese “melody roads” have been deployed, whose cut grooves and bumps play distinctive songs through your car, but only when you drive slowly and carefully down them. This seems like a potentially useful bit of social engineering — set the musical timing on a road at the safe speed, and combine that with timed traffic lights that reward you with a “green wave” if you stick to the limit, and you’d have a pretty good set of cues telling you how to travel at speed.
(Via BoingBoing)


  1. Carol

    Sounds like a great idea. after all some roads sing some pretty atrocious music at you inadvertently I know a singing bridge. I don’t know how it would sound if you varied your speed. a fun idea for making driving safe and fun!

  2. laurie

    i like the sound of that!


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