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What’s over?
You can tell that when you watch the highly viral YouTube videos of StSanders. I first saw these on Rhodri’s page, then Toog’s. StSanders has removed the original sound from concerts and substituted his own plausible yet pathetic sounds — Ozzy Osbourne clapping, Jake E. Lee twangling impotently on an unamplified guitar. Watching them, you feel like someone who’s woken up from a foolish adolescent dream. You feel like the gatefold emperor is finally naked.
(Via Click opera)

Man, that’s the funniest video! Excellent!

Note – here it does not matter that YouTube is in Mono!


  1. dave

    Personally, I long to see Ottmar playing in concert wearing ribbons on his arms and legs, too. That is just so hip.

  2. Curt

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I laughed so hard – I think a little pee came out!!

  3. steve

    Now *that* is truly painful to watch. I actually can’t make it through this without cringing.

  4. mario

    Rock n Roll!

  5. Robin

    Wait, what year was this filmed? I couldn’t even make it all the way through to the end…

  6. Mark

    I love this stuff! Still, my favorite StSanders youtube video is Steve Vai Shreds in Denver. The most hilarious triple neck guitar solo ever! Let’s hope StSanders does not get a hold of an Ottmar video and…

  7. marc

    Damnit……my sides hurt!

  8. eddie

    this must be a joke…that is the worst guitar solo in the history of music, it doesn’t sound like anything

  9. Jacqueline

    Wow, Wow, Ottmar visions of Dobro dancing in any bodies heads , work outs and weights, yoga and a Monk….A trunk packed Full!

    Have a Awesome Weekand , did you know ! They got the wrong ship lmao~


  10. Jacqueline

    Hey If Neil Young can sing , lol what did Ratouille say any body can!

    Hearing Words ……three blind mice!


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