Warner Pulls from Nokia Music Store

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Over-the-air Turbulence: Nokia Delays N-Gage Game Portal as Warner Pulls from Its Music Store
Already, over 6 million people have used MOSH to exchange files. Nokia assures that copyrights are protected by Audible Magic, a scanning system that checks files as they pass through the service. Clearly, that’s not enough reassurance for WMG.

And if I might add: What the hell are 6 million people exchanging if not some variety of copyrighted content? Original demo tapes and manuscripts? Seriously.
(Via Gizmodo)

I think they are exchanging recipes. :)

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  1. Jacqueline

    I did not want to be disrespectful so I will post this here meant for new and old music. Ottmar in your travels, There’s a place, in a little Town called Thorold Ontario. Amazing , Saturday mornings, from 9-5 music from 9-82!

    Olde slice of Europe, many there were hats, and swayed by cafe’s !

    Still Don Juan’s make me laugh , cry because the rythms and passion are one in the same! Master fixer , mixer, God father of sorts , magic wand , and lol all kind of lute( Instruments) …Once called Thorold Music , now Johny’s Place.
    No one cares who walks through the door! Lost in the music, in trouble beccause of time …and appt.s You ever get a chance . Go there !



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