La Semana

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I am sitting in the studio. I was going to work on the new album, but one of the drives in the 2TB RAID tower is rebuilding and ProTools does not want to start while that’s going on. Now I am listening to the “La Semana” CD on the studio monitors and I am really enjoying the music. When that recording was done I felt it was my best album, and damn, it is a great collection of music. Somebody asked what the “3L” after the title “La Luna” stands for. Lunatic Love Letter = 3L. That was also the first album featuring Jon’s Lakland bass and the combination of the DeVoe Negra and his Lakland is amazing. Well, ProTools has decided to start up and I’ll get back to work. You know, the trouble with the new album is that a while ago I recorded a song that I liked so much that it raised the bar for me. It will be the first track on the album and I have to make sure the others are as good…


  1. mario

    I know that I felt the same way when I heard La Semana. Good news on the new album also!

  2. Jacqueline

    Morning coffee, sunshine seeping through the window, bread in hand. So enjoy how you explain! What leads you through, the passion instilled in you!

    Have a fabulous day, good luck always!


  3. Will

    Opium is still my favorite, maybe for nostalgic reasons. Listening to it right now.

  4. Don Manuel

    Semana was amazing yes. But the music in the hours between night and day is classic and clean. My favorite song is Albatrose.

    best wishes in the studio and look forward to the new CD.


  5. Victor

    I love that album the sound is the best sound that I think I have ever heard for Nylon I love how you and Jon have created a great new sound. Can’t wait to hear what’s brewing in your studio.

  6. tom

    I agree: “La Semana” is a fantastic musical collection. You have every right to be very proud of it.

    Good luck with the new album.

  7. Jacqueline

    Wow cool re-actions, I pondered for a minute , must say I like them all!

    So much, its a staple for sailing , The entire sounds , turn it on , or press play.

    Along with a few others must not tell a lie. Balance to face, what’s coming my

    way . You know for those good or bad days..!


  8. Curt

    That was me that wondered about 3L, so thank you for the meaning!

    Since everyone is mentioning their favorite OL projects, I’m gonna go with Borrasca! I really love ALL of them but this one stands out for me because of the tone of your guitar – to be THAT perfect, what… 17 years ago now?? That says something to me. Most nylon recordings from that age sound very flat. Unless I have a remastered version (it was an iTunes download… ack)??

    SO you’ve raised the bar on yourself… that’s very, VERY good to hear!

  9. marc

    Enough with teasing us about that new album!!! I can not wait to hear it. I have been enjoying the dummy head recording version of The River for the past couple of weeks. It sounds like one great jam session. Excellent music!!

  10. Luz

    La Luna is one of my favorite pieces from that CD, which always takes my breath away when I hear it playing. Cocteau and Underworld take me to another realm. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how the music comes together. I love hearing about the details. I’ve got one question if I may ask… “how do the titles for songs come together?”

  11. eddie

    the fact that everyone has a different response shows that ottmar is not a one song man. I loved his remixes and albums but for me La Semana blew my mind, it was just so rhythmic (maybe alot of overdubbing?). and had an overall progression that made it very easy to get lost in a reverie.

  12. dave

    La Semana is an excellent cd. I bought the “boxed” version; what a great package and concept. I love the “postcards” inside. I’m sure the new album will be another good one.

  13. michael c

    I don’t know what a 2TB Raid Tower does, but I know what Ottmar does with a guitar and I am waiting with great anticipation. When I received notice to evacuate during the CA wildfires, the first things I threw into my suitcase were the IPOD and Ottmar CD’s. Priorities?

  14. Carol

    It always brings me joy and peace. The greatest music ever.

  15. Luz

    @Michael: I’m certain those are some of the same things I would’ve grabbed for as well.


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