NBC Exec Voices More Beef With iTunes

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NBC Exec Voices More Beef With iTunes Pricing | Epicenter from Wired.com
We thought it was video who killed the radio star, but NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker (pictured right) claims that Apple killed both. While being interviewed by The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta at a benefit for Syracuse University, the executive claimed that Apple has made millions on its iPod “off the backs of our content” and that the software maker “destroyed the music business in terms of pricing.”

What about Sony and many others making money off of CD players? What about cassette players, turntables? I am not sure I see the difference, except that iTunes dictates a certain price-format.

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  1. eddie

    i think because both cassette and cds players required direct consumption via the format they are placed on. Electronic music bypasses this, maybe because it takes out the middle man…..who knows, i think music is still going strong. I personally love ssri.com and the ability to listen to music fully, its hard to find a Rahim AlHaj cd in a shopping centre in Australia.


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