Good espresso in a fallen world

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Mad Flavor in Austin: Good espresso in a fallen world | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist
Contra Starbucks, cappuccino does not mean equal parts hot milk, foam, and espresso. In a well-made cap, the barista steams the milk and then carefully, swirling and tapping the milk pitcher, reincorporates the foam into the hot milk, creating a creamy, cloud-like milk-foam emulsion. (The milk must be whole; a “skim cap” is a crime.)

How true, how true…


  1. steve

    If you are ever in Denver, there is a place called Novo coffee. They have a store at the Denver Art Museum. They serve coffee drinks in the same tradition as Medici.

  2. Anna

    Ottmar, decaf is a crime as well.

  3. Luz

    There’s a cafe here in Houston called Empire Cafe and the employees wear T-Shirts, which state, “Coporate Coffee Sucks”. They do serve a pretty mean cup of espresso too!

  4. Rik

    In what part of town is Empire Cafe? I haven’t heard of it.

  5. Luz

    @Rik: Lower Westheimer between Shepherd and Montrose.


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