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Right Brain v Left Brain | Herald Sun
Right Brain vs Left Brain test … do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Stevo sent this to me. We both see the dancer rotating clockwise.

Read a few comments to the above linked test and found this interesting:

The picture is simply an animated gif and it does not have anything tricky build in. It has 34 frames (i.e. seperate pictures) and is not rigged in any funny way. I looked at it in Adobe Fireworks. One direction only. No funny switching going on. OK… all of you that see it changing are left brainers. That is becuase you are left brainers (hense the test) and with enough focus can see it turning anti-clockwise (see the directions). If you were a right brainer then you would not be able to see it switching. The direction does not actually change direction at all. I hope that those of you that see it changing realize that this is a function of how your brain works and in part a purpose of the test. As it is not really changing direction I hope you realize that the way you see things is not necessary the way they really are.
Posted by: Nathan of USA 4:12pm October 22, 2007
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Does anybody know whether that statement is correct – that left-brainers can sometimes perceive the clockwise turns, but right-brainers cannot perceive the counter-clockwise turns?

And then there is this:

This image, originally created by Nobuyuki Kayahara, is a great scientific personality test. If you see the dancer spinning clockwise, you’ve got excess spleen qi in your left frontal crockus. This means that you’re a vibrant personality whose passions are apparent to everyone around you, but sometimes you are indecisive. If you see her spinning counter-clockwise, the right ascension of your natal chart lies in your sagittal broab and there are Fire humours dribbling out your left nostril. You should see a doctor as soon as possible.

And this is where she was born.
Thanks Y.


  1. eddie

    mmm…has anyone seen it anti-clockwise, because im seeing the women dancing clockwise…im not surprised you showed up clockwise ottmar. Im sure i never would have made a connection with your music if it was…ruled by logic and not emotion (though i dont totally agree that just because you see this dancer and are having dominated left brain thinking, you are limited to those characteristics)

  2. michael c

    That was very interesting, the dancer was turning clockwise but I could change her direction by focusing on her feet, but then she returned to a clockwise spin. The right brain attributes were right on, with a touch of the left. Thanks for this.

  3. Rik

    I wonder if the shape of the dancer influences perception. So far all the votes for clockwise have been from males. Does this rather shapely (and anatomically correct) dancer trigger the use of a particular side of the brain? Would the perception be different if the shape were something more mechanical? I tend to think there may be a gender bias in this test. By the way, I saw mostly clockwise turning also, but when I focused on the text to the side of the image I saw a change of direction in my peripheral vision.

  4. laurie

    I saw this a week or so ago… then, I could only see her going anti-clockwise but now today if i focus on another part of the computer screen I can see her going
    clockwise, but only in my peripheral vision. If I look back at her she quickly switches… but that is the only way i see one or the other – peculiar…

  5. Victor

    that was very cool I saw it clockwise as well and had to focus and close my eyes to see it move the other way. Thanks very cool

  6. eric

    i saw the clockwise. i can see the other direction if i focus on the feet as well.

  7. salma

    I watched the dancer earlier today and it was going counter clockwise and when my glance was repositioned it changed to clockwise movement for a little bit, but started twirling counter clockwise again. Just a few mins. ago I watched the figure again and it was moving counter clockwise and when I when I switched by glance to her feet she started going clockwise for a few moments and then switched back again to counter clockwise. It’s very tricky! May be it can mean that people are not really left brained or right brained but have use of both depending on the circumstances. It could also mean that the perception in each individual is different regardless of the concept about left and right brain???

  8. Vic2rh

    If you perceive the dancer’s head to rotate clockwise while the body turns counterclockwise then that means you’re in need of exorcism.

    I would think that if you’re very predominantly left or right brained then you will have difficulty seeing rotation in the direction opposite to your tendency. However, I don’t believe it’s impossible for right-brainers to perceive counter-clockwise. As a left-brainer myself, to reverse the perceived rotation, I found it helpful to blink hard, particularly at the places where the one leg passes in front of the other… then at that point think about which leg “should” be leading. So, for a right-brainer wanting to reverse rotation blink while thinking “left leg is leading”… left-brainers blink while thinking “right leg is leading”. I know, it sounds cheesey, but it worked for me! YOU CAN DO IT OTTMAR! Or maybe this technique only works for left-brainers (and people who need exhorcism).

  9. yumiko

    My question is this: Can you get motion sickness looking at this?

  10. Carl Cook

    I can make her spin either way at will. I think that makes me bi-brained? Ambi-brained? Most likely bird-brained.

  11. eddie

    i found that when i watched it again it spun counter-clockwise, but switched back when after a short while…and i couldn’t get it back. I studied psych for a year and a half, and am no expert…but for me, there is great gap between the neural activity, or regions of the brain (either left or right) and the characteristics which we show throughout our life…however i could be wrong…einstein had a parietal strip (useful for spatial thinking) 15% larger than a normal humans….who knows

  12. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, very weird. I’m pretty sure more right-brained than left-brained (come on, I’m a physics major), but it jumped out at me as spinning clockwise and it took a lot of time to get her to spin counter-clockwise. Of course, I’m not sure how much of a connection there is, since they don’t source it or anything. Now I can kind of switch directions at will, kind of sort of, and am figuring out how it works exactly…hmm, told you I’m right-brained ;)

  13. Adam Solomon

    Sorry, every time I said right-brained, I meant left-brained. I am left-brained and very confused.

  14. yumiko

    Adam, maybe you are a closet right-brainer :)

  15. yumiko

    p.s. Adam: ….previous comment said affectionately :)

  16. eddie

    i think that was obvious yumiko…from the smile…lol

  17. yumiko

    eddie: Adam is a good guy for a, “left-brainer”. Words from a keyboard? Zero intonation, zero facial expression. Have to be responsible, even with kidding. Thanks for seeing that!

  18. Nancy

    I found if I look one time it was counterclockwise, and then when I looked again it was clockwise. After a while I could control the way it spinned. I guess I am bird-brained like Carl!


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