Two Years Ago – in Italy

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Tuesday: A little bit of Nutella on a slice of Banana is damn delicious. Today: Siena by way of Montevarchi (Prada Outlet store). Found another nice restaurant in Viareggio yesterday and had a nice lunch at Amaro.
Amaro Restaurant Viareggio - 10
Afterwards to Pisa, to the leaning tower. The tethers have been removed, the tower is stabilized and the public is allowed to climb it once again.
Tower of Pisa - 6
Last night I realized that the search for purity is related to the desire to find a soul – something, anything that is independent in this complex matrix of dependancy. Both searches are entirely hopeless, of course. Innocence and purity are neither desirable nor real. Ghosts of our ego trying to prove itself.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Confirmed. A little bit of Nutella on a slice of banana IS damn delicious.

  2. Jackie Dassler

    Yummy Nutella!

  3. Gudrun

    It seems we all like Nutella. I hope harmful substances never found in it, so our generation and our children…oh…oh..

  4. Adam Solomon

    Ooh, I’ll have to try that…chocolate and banana tends to go well, presumably Nutella and banana isn’t so far off.

    So if the search for purity is related to that for the soul, and purity is non-existent, then what about the soul?

  5. ottmar

    Adam: I wrote “Both searches are entirely hopeless, of course” and by that I meant that in my opinion neither “Soul” nor “Purity” can be found. You might also check the wikipedia entry on Anatman (or “No Atman”), which is an important Buddhist concept.


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