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The end of an era. This photo was taken in 1990:
Tower Records on Sunset - 1990
I took the photo below this past weekend.
Tower Records on Sunset - 2007


  1. Adam Solomon

    Amazing how such a little store could be so famous – one member of an enormous chain, on top of that. Even as an East Coaster I remember visiting that, way back.

  2. ottmar

    The “For Lease” sign says 8,700 square feet. But it was the people that worked there and the selection they presented that was the reason for it’s fame.

  3. Diran

    I remember this place,I came USA 1989 probably first cassette that I purchased was , NF.

  4. Victor

    It seems as thought there is less and less human contact and that art and curators are finding it hard to work. Maybe Socity does not place a value on knowledge of I wonder if its that people work so hard that there is not time for art and music. I remember when I was young friends and I would just listing to an album and that was what we did and then we would talk about the sounds etc. Then growing older and even now I just like to listen to music in the big word. Schools cut music programs and are not exposed to beautiful art. Well the world is changing and we seem to settle for things that are really copies of the original. Just what I was thinking when I saw the picture and read the posts.


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