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More music download choices for SSRI albums with the arrival of the download store:

One Guitar on (256kbps, $.99/song)
One Guitar on iTunes (128kbps, $.99/song – awaiting getting the album added to iTunes Plus – 256kbps, $1.29/song)
One Guitar in the ListeningLounge (320kbps, $1.00/song)

Thira on
Thira on iTunes
Thira in the ListeningLounge

Transit 2 on
Transit 2 on iTunes
Transit 2 in the ListeningLounge

As you can see you still find the highest quality downloads in the LL.
Of course these are just three choices and there are many more, like Rhapsody, eMusic and others.


  1. heather

    I received an email from suggesting I might be interested in purchasing “One Guitar” based on items I had previous bought. Oh well, too late: I paid the artist more directly.

  2. ottmar

    Heather: and that is always appreciated! :)

  3. steve

    ALWAYS buy from the artist directly if possible!

  4. CescoD

    Ohh, you did too Heather? :)

    I like the LL so much more than any other Inetshop! It has something really personal, something that tells me “you’re getting music right from Ottmar’s hands”. No suggestings about what I might like or a individualized shop will change this.

  5. Anna

    At the time when Amazon was advertising ‘One Guitar’ as available soon; I selected Own it / Love it.


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