Rahim Alhaj with Orchestra

02007-09-20 | Music | 2 comments

YouTube – Oak – Rahim Alhaj Oud with Orchestra
Beautiful playing by Rahim. The sound is in mono of course. It really sucks that YouTube and Google Video are now turning everything into MONO… What, are we moving backwards, sound-wise? I suggested to Rahim to join HumbleVoice and upload the video there, in STEREO.

It just occurred to me that the solution would be for Google Video and YouTube to offer a choice in compression: one that optimizes sound at the expense of the visual and a second one that optimizes the visual at the expense of the sound.

You may think I am crazy, but I believe Western Culture’s emphasis on the visual over the auditory is a huge problem. I’ll write more about this later and will end this post with a few links to posts from the past:
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  1. Diran

    Beautiful music.It reminded me back home (Istanbul.)

  2. Eddie

    moving music…..i would have loved to have heard it in better quality


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