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Thursday Jon and I walked to lunch: 66 blocks down and 4 blocks across in an hour. At the pace we were walking it felt like playing a real-time video game with scent added… We saw this fabo new Benz, their first green vehicle ever.
At last: a Green Mercedes
more about our gigs at BBKing’s here and here.
On Thursday evening the bass driver of my left in-ear monitor stopped working right at the beginning of the performance, which made playing feel more like working… For the second set I had to use a different set of in-ears, but they felt unfamiliar and were coloring my hearing in a completely different way. The inner dialog was entertaining. “This doesn’t sound nice” “Shut up and play” “I really am not comfortable with this” “You can do this, so stop whining and do it”… … …

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  1. Adam Solomon

    hey, i don’t think anyone noticed, ya could’ve fooled us! :)


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