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Ottmar Liebert in concert 082507 – a photoset on Flickr
Photos by Russell Frost, who is behind the Prius Owners Group blog and wrote this about the concert:

I saw him and his ensemble, Luna Negra on Saturday, at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg and they were, in a single word, fantastic. Ottmar’s passionate guitar playing is incredible. Seeing an artist like this is in a small venue, with a talented ensemble like Luna Negra is something not to be missed.

My own comments about the evening:

We usually carry chairs for Stephen and myself, but since we flew to the East Coast we are using chairs provided by the venues. Last night I used a black chair that turned out to be a cello-chair for the orchestra, meaning it is slightly pitched forward. My back was in pain and I had trouble concentrating. We switched chairs for the second half, and I was much more comfortable.


  1. stephen duros

    Great, thanks!

  2. Carol

    I’ve been in church pews like that. I wondered if they were designed to keep a person on their toes and not fall asleep. Very uncomfortable

  3. russell

    It’s so funny you say that because I remember commenting to my wife that I was wondering if you had back problems. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly. There was a point where you had one leg crossed under the other and when you moved back to put that foot on the stage, it seemed like it was difficult.

    All because of a chair.

    Friends often ask about the riders on contracts and the gear some artists travel with. They always bring up some mostly unreasonable thing. Sure, some artists are a pain. But the reason there are riders in performance contracts is because it’s hard to be on the road and performing under different conditions every night. Anything an artist can do to make the environment more consistent is a good thing, for the artist and the fan.

    Thanks for the link and thanks for a great show last night, despite the cello chair.

  4. Panj

    I hope your back is completely at ease once again! Ottmar, please don’t feel a bit shy about stopping at the end of a song and switching chairs if you need to, rather than waiting till the break. I think I can speak for many, if not all of your fans, that we wouldn’t mind one single bit! God Speed to you All in your wonderful Journey!

  5. Troy Chappell

    Excellent performance it was!!

  6. William Harrell

    I’m sorry about the chair and the back discomfort. My wife and I want to convey our thanks for the delightful evening, with music that was sheer therapy for our tired but not rejunivated souls

  7. Eddie Russell

    troy are you by anychance related to a bloke named Yoda…lol, anyway i agree i can see in the picture that your back isnt touching the chair

  8. William Harrell

    That is to say: :…our tired but now rejuvinated souls

  9. Panj

    Stunning Portraits, Russel…Thanks!


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