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The British and their stars. It’s different than the Americans and their stars. Anyway, you might not think that the following is funny. That’s OK. I have a feeling that Stevo might roll on the floor with laughter upon reading this. I could be wrong. Stevo?

Pete Doherty | News | Guardian Unlimited Music
A highlight from today’s coverage in the Sun is Doherty reportedly telling a bunch of “newsmen” who were asking him questions, “Do you want to shut up or I’ll pour a bucket of saliva over you? I will smash your head in.”

Hmm, difficult. Your average person would opt for shutting up but we’re thinking the bucket of saliva might not be so bad, on account of the fact that it would take so long to fill a bucket with saliva (especially given that crack addiction tends to dry the mouth somewhat) that you could continue firing questions at Doherty while he gobbed.


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