Somewhere in Arizona

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We were woken up somewhere in Arizona in the wee hours by Border Patrol wanting to search the bus. We had to stumble out and stand on the asphalt, but after a while I sat down cross-legged. They tried to intimidate us with words and then the dog was taken through the bus to search. Bush, the elder, gave Border Patrol DEA rights to search, well, anything they want to. That was sometime in the Eighties, I think, the beginning of the war on drugs.

45 minutes later we were on our way and eventually some of us drifted off to sleep again.


  1. Anna

    Ottmar, I am sorry to hear that you had a very rude wake up call!!

    Bush, junior is coming to Sydney in a few weeks. Originally Sydney was going to be a madhouse from Thursday 09/06, since he decided to arrive earlier, all the officials are going crazy trying to re arrange everything, and to make sure it all runs like clock work from Tue.

    Restaurants in the lock down area are constantly being harrassed by officials. A lot of areas in Sydney will be a no go zone for almost a week.

    APEC should have been held in Canberra :-)

  2. Adam Solomon

    Hmm, you know, you guys are playing that Mexican flamenco, and I bet they read about that Iraqi fellow you play with, too, so you’re bound to raise some suspicion…

    (and in case the sarcasm wasn’t noted! :) )

  3. dave

    Well, you can’t trust musicians. They’re an unseemly class.

  4. Zaya

    Another reason to dislike Prez bam bam, although for me, even one will do. I am highly offended that they would harrass you and your friends, but in this Brave New World, no one is safe, are they?


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